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Volvo BM

The company Bolinder Munktell was created by a merger between two partners, Munktell and Bolinder. The history of Munktell goes back to the year 1832. In 1913 the first agricultural tractor with a weight of more than 8200 kg appeared. This tractor, the ME 30-40, had a 2-cylinder two-stroke water-cooled Bolinder glow-head engine with a power between 30 and 40 hp. After this tractor there were several more versions, although they were smaller than the first type, they still weighed 4000 kg. The first Munktells tractor came from 1921 and had a power of 22 and 30 hp. The weight of the tractor was only 2100 kg and remained in production until 1934. 

In 1941, the first BM with a Volvo engine entered the market. This BM-4 had a 6 cylinder Volvo engine from a Volvo truck of the time. Due to lack of liquid fuels, the BM-4 could be equipped with a wood generator. From the beginning of the Second World War there was already close cooperation with Volvo and this cooperation eventually led to the acquisition of Bolinder Munktell by Volvo in 1950. Volvo and Bolinder Munktell continued to exist as separate brands until the early 1960s. BM tractors from the 1950s were always green with an orange engine and the Volvo was always red with a green engine. From 1959 there were three new types in the color of Volvo, red with a green engine. This was also the time when the tractors were marketed as Volvo BM. After the takeover in 1979 by the Finnish company Valmet, production was stopped in 1985 and continued under the name Volvo BM Valmet.

Volvo BM parts

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