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​Ford 2000

From 1962 to 1975 the Ford 2000 was produced in Highland Park, Michigan, USA. This four-cylinder Ford 2000 tractor replaced the Ford 601 Workmaster series, which it closely resembled. Features of the Ford 2000 include a 4.7L oil capacity and a 4x2 2WD PTO. The tractor rolled out of the factory with a 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that had 36 horsepower. 

The second generation of the Ford 2000 was equipped with either a 2.6 L three-cylinder petrol engine or a 2.6 L three-cylinder diesel engine. In addition, there was a choice of four different variants of transmission. The Ford 2000 has optional power steering, an open operator station and a 49.2 litre fuel tank. The Ford 2000 is certainly a great tractor. Maintenance on this model is essential, whether you are restoring one or using it. When finding parts, keep in mind that the four-cylinder Ford 2000 is very similar to the 601 Workmaster series. However, there are significant differences between this and the three-cylinder machine that came out later.

​Ford 3000

The Ford 3000 is a tractor that was first offered by Ford in the spring of 1965. The model was part of the 1000 series of tractors. This series of tractors was designed to replace Ford's "Prior" or "Hundred Series". The Ford 3000 Tractor originally had a 3-cylinder OHV, water-cooled engine, which was good for 37hp. The Ford 3000 was marketed with different transmissions. There was a choice of a 4-speed, 6-speed, 8-speed and a 10-speed 'Select O Speed' powershift transmission.

Ford 3000 tractor has the best features in its class. Among other things, the tractor has a Live PTO, remote hydraulic valves, a differential lock and power steering. Features that were certainly unprecedented for this time. This agricultural tractor was produced for 10 years until 1975. At that time, Ford stopped producing the Ford 3000. It was replaced at that time by the Ford 3600.

Ford 2000 / Ford 3000 parts

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