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Allis Chalmers

In 1901, the tractor brand Allis Chalmers was born in Milwaukee, United States, from a merger. The brand, which also gained its fame from the strikingly bright color orange it used for its tractors, was a very important link in the history of agriculture. For example, it was Allis Chalmers that introduced rubber tires. It was also the first tractor brand to recognize that a round streamlined look was good for sales.

In 1914, the first tractor rolled off the proverbial treadmill. The 10-18 was born; an 18 hp three-wheeler. In the years that followed, the brand launched several more tractors, but the sales figures did not look too rosy. This was due to the low price of one of its competitors: Fordson. As a result of this low price, Allis Chalmers also pushed the price down, which resulted in significantly better sales figures.

Tractors from the above time period generally had iron wheels. This was something that municipalities began to find increasingly difficult as the roads were damaged by them. This was the moment that Allis Chalmer started to focus on the production of the rubber tire. Initially not a success, but with the necessary promotion also the farmers of the time became enthusiastic.

After the war, in the forties, Allis Chalmer brought a few more tractors on the market. One can think of the Model B, Model G, the D series and finally the ED40. In the 1950s, they continued with the FD series, and some collaborations were started. Due to disappointing sales, Allis Chalmers was bought by the German company DEUTZ in 1985, producing under the name DEUTZ-Allis for several years.

Allis Chalmers spare parts

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