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Massey Ferguson 65

The Massey Ferguson 65 was the very first tractor with more than 40 horsepower when it was introduced in 1958. The tractor was originally fitted with a Ferguson system that was unrivalled at the time. If the original instruction booklet is to be believed, this model answered all the questions asked by agriculturalists at the time. The first model of the Massey Ferguson 65 featured a diesel engine with 56.5 hp as standard. Unheard of for a tractor at this time. 

The model was produced in the United States, Brazil and Yugoslavia. The Massey Ferguson MF 65 was equipped with built-in brake discs, a powerful hydraulic hitch, differential lock and a rotary PTO, among other things. The three-point suspension has interchangeable ends, which made it possible at the time to connect so-called Category 1 and Category 2 implements. High model" versions of the popular model were also produced. These models were ideally suited for row-crop work. 

Massey Ferguson 65 spare parts

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